Outdoor Activities

The people of Ffestiniog have decided, the post-industrial landscape can be regenerated, and turned into something that the community could continue to be proud of for many more generations. And thus, Antur 'Stiniog is born and from the development of Antur ‘Stiniog there are opportunities to develop businesses that cater for the outdoor sector in the area.

Antur 'Stiniog is a social enterprise tasked with not just putting the landscape to good use, but also with training local people to become outdoor activity guides, so that they may find - or even create - employment in an area that has been hard-hit by economic woes in recent decades. Quarrymen's trackways are being converted into mountain biking tracks; slate-strewn mountainsides provide routes for walking and running (Ras y Moelwyn - the Moelwyn Race - is a big draw every April); and negotiations have taken place with Network Rail to turn disused railway lines into a Velorail, a pedal-powered railway system that will give visitors an unusual (and fun) way to explore the Bro. The Velorail will make its debut soon!

Industry comes and goes, it's true; when it comes, it brings boom economies and prosperity, and when it goes, it can leave behind a pockmarked, scarred landscape that some poor soul is always going to be lumbered with cleaning up. But in towns like Blaenau Ffestiniog, where the community works as one body, it's all by-the-by: like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Bro won't be kept down, and the challenge of reinvention and regeneration is an opportunity not to be missed.Contact Antur Stiniog today to discuss ideas, they’re available to support you with new business ideas and ventures and can set you oiff in the right direction.