The word on the street: Celebrating Blaenau's Heritage

Blaenau Ffestiniog has a dynamic history and an unique cultural identity, owing to the town’s dramatic industrial development in the most striking countryside in rural Meirionnydd. From a wealth of original quarry terms to a host of poets, writers and musicians, Blaenau’s creativity produced a priceless cultural heritage. A combination of the traditional and modern, the rural and industrial, this vibrant and distinctively Welsh heritage produced some of the most unique and colourful phrases in the Welsh language.

To reflect this rich heritage, hundreds of local sayings, unigue quarry terms, historical references, and quotations from local artists were chosen for inclusion on the slate bands that are seen on the town’s streets. Also included are contemorary sayings, as well as phrases created in workshops held with pupils of the local schools, reflecting current cultural identity as well as the community’s hopes and dreams for the future.

A celebration of Blaenau’s colourful culture, the phrases have been numbered to encourage you to walk the town’s high street as you learn of this vibrant and unique heritage. And while you’re at it, pop in to the town’s shops and businesses to see what else we have on offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Download a pdf version of the interpretation booklet - click here