Town Centre

Pillars on StepsThe Town Centre is being re-developed to improve how the town functions as a destination, work involves creating entrance gateways, celebrating the very best local materials and supporting shops with grants of up to 75% to improve their shop fronts.


Blaenau YmlaenBlaenau Ymlaen

What is Blaenau Ymlaen?
Blaenau Ymlaen was formed as a voluntary group to bring various regeneration groups and plans together. It meets every two months and there’s a warm welcome to everyone.

Why the town centre?
Blaenau Ymlaen, Cyngor Gwynedd and the Welsh Government were successful in obtaining European ERDF funds for regenerating town centres, the money can not be used for anything else. We have a significant amount of empty shops. The area’s population is reducing 2.5% every year with a lot of people moving away to work. The project links into the Antur Stiniog scheme to develop outdoor activities in the area. We also need to make the most of the visitors who arrive in Blaenau but return to Porthmadog without visiting the town.

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Second Video following the developments


Blaenau Ffestiniog - Regeneration - Finalising the Work